The Association of Planning Engineers (APE) is a private limited company by guarantee  without share capital. We began our journey to provide a place of community and develop a quality directory of planning engineers across the world. 

We aim to help those within the planning industry to adapt and learn within their career journey. Here at APE we award hard work and innovation within the industry with lucrative opportunities and recognised membership grades. We have differing grades of membership, depending on your experience, qualifications and pathway within the planning industry.

APE welcomes planning engineers from all different sectors, including IT, finance, construction, urban and town planning. 

Implemented and recognised professional standards are a quality requirement here at APE, and with over 650,000 planning engineers worldwide, we aim to continue the development of this dynamic industry. Our high standards reflect the work we idealise to see around the globe by our planning engineers.

We invite members from student grades, for those who are learning the ropes, all the way to Fellowship for those who have proven competent in their profession and shown excellence in the planning sector.

If you work in any of the above mentioned planning sectors, we hope you’ll consider joining our excellent Association and develop your professional skills and expertise along the way.