Technical Member (TAPE)


Technical Member (TAPE) is also referred to as a Planning Technician. There are no strict eligibility requirements for Technical Membership, but you must have some experience in the planning industry or have a relevant qualification. This membership is the first step in the process of working towards Professional Membership. If you wish to become a Professional (full) Member of APE, you must become an Associate Member. You can either progress to Associate Membership straight away, or, if you do not have the eligibility requirements for Associate, you can become a Technical Member. There are two routes to becoming a Professional Member (MAPE). Route 1: TAPE > AAPE > MAPE. This option is for those who do not have the degree or relevant qualifications to become AAPE. In this case, you can use your time as a Technical Member to undertake a degree programme or one of our accredited courses to become eligible for AAPE. Similarly, you can become a Technical Member if you have a degree but don’t yet have the experience to become AAPE. Then, you can progress from AAPE to MAPE through the Assessment of Competence once you meet the requirements. Route 2: AAPE > MAPE. This option will be useful to you if you have a degree or professional qualification and experience to progress immediately to AAPE. You will be able to progress as a Professional Member once you have met all the requirements and complete the Assessment of Competence. The Professional Review itself includes a review submission and an online interview. You’ll need to also provide a detailed CV, education history and your CPD plans when you apply.

The Professional Review is a set of documents you will need to submit including the Assessment of Competence, detailed recent CV and CPD plans which will help you progress your membership. You need to complete the Assessment of Competence, based on your expertise and pathway. There is no time limit to upgrade your membership from Technical Member or Associate Member to Professional Member. However, we would recommend you to complete your Professional Review as soon as you can. This is because you will get more benefits becoming a Professional Member, such as the post-nominal MAPE which will help you in your job search and gain recognition in the industry. You can find approved coaching providers, which are listed on our website, for further support.


During your time as a Technical Member, you must meet the minimum requirements to become AAPE. Once you become AAPE, you can complete your PR to become MAPE. Once you pass the Professional Review you will be called for a quick online interview to confirm the report has been written by you. If you pass both the report and interview you will be offered Professional Membership. If you fail either one, you will need to retake until you pass in order to gain membership. You won’t need to be physically present to participate in the interview, so you can be based in any part of the world. Leave the organisation of the online interviews to us – we’ll liaise with you to find a convenient time depending on your region and time frame.

Total Costs:

The cost of Technical Membership is £190 per year. The application fee will be a further £90. These prices are for certain regions only, check your region prices on the fees page. You can apply through our website. When you apply you must submit a letter with proof of your education qualifications, employment history and detailed CV. Becoming a Technical Member with the APE will benefit your progression to Professional Membership, helping you reach your career goals.

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