Associate Member (AAPE)


Joining the Associate of Planning Engineers (APE) as an Associate member is a great way to connect with APE to develop your industry standards and build recognition through a professional body. This membership is for those with degree-level qualifications and at least 3 years of industry experience.

Planning engineers, project control engineers, planners or any other relevant planning-based positions are all eligible to become Associate members. The sectors of work may include those such as construction, business, finance, IT, architecture and town planning.

Here at APE, we stand as a non-profit organisation to improve members’ knowledge and skills with high professional standards throughout the body.

This is the best step to progress as a full member of the association within a shorter time frame.

Benefits of Associate Membership:

Who is Eligible?

You must meet our eligibility requirements before you progress your Associate membership through a short assessment. Each application is assessed individually based on your level of experience and competence in the industry. In order to be eligible to apply as an associate you must have the following criteria however if you haven’t met them, please contact us to assess your qualification and experience:




Assessment of Competence

If you choose the first application pathway (Bachelor’s degree + 3 years’ experience), you will need to provide a 500-word experience report to confirm your expertise in the last 3 years of experience. You will also need to provide your detailed CV and documents to prove your academic qualifications such as a degree certificate or academic transcript.

If you are choosing the second option (professional course + 3 years’ experience), you will need to submit your detailed CV and the certificate confirming your professional course. The second option will give you direct eligibility, unlike the first option where your 500-word review will have to be evaluated first.

If you don’t have any previous experience but you have a relevant qualification, you can apply as a Technical Member until you gain the experience you need. Similarly, if you have relevant experience but don’t have the qualifications you need, you can also apply as a Technical Member.

You can find the recognised professional courses in our accredited courses and recognised learning providers list as shown here. If you have any enquiries about your eligibility, feel free to contact our membership team here.

Total Costs:

If you wish to apply as an Associate member, you will need to pay the application fee and the annual subscription fee.

Annual subscription will be vary based on the region in the world in which you are based. Furthermore, the calendar month you join will also affect your fee. For example, if you join in July, you only need to pay one half of the subscription. Similarly, if you join in April or October, you will only have to pay three-quarters or one-quarter subsequently. To find more information regarding our fees, please click the link and select your region.