Membership to the Association of Planning Engineers requires all members to adhere to our membership regulations, as well as our Code of Professional Conduct.

Members must complete tasks only within their field of expertise and with the great standards the Association upholds. Similarly, members must use their professional judgement when determining if they have the appropriate knowledge to carry out a task. All safety procedures must be followed strictly with due diligence.

As a member, you will support the APE in this mission to promote development and quality of the industry.

Application Process Regulations

Any person wishing to apply as a member to the APE must submit a completed application including all required information. This submission must be made directly to the APE, not through any third parties. Applicants, when applying, must declare any criminal convictions or bankruptcy arrangements in writing or through their application form. Our independent committee will assess whether or not these prior convictions will affect your ability to bring excellence and professionalism to the Association.

Application success will depend on the individual’s ability to meet the membership criteria. Each set of criteria will differ for each ranking of membership. This information can be found on the membership pages. Some applications will be eligible for individual consideration. Individuals will be required to pay their membership fees before their membership status is eligible for use. The decision of the membership application is solely determined by the Association of Planning Engineers and their Membership Board.

Membership Privileges

Members are entitled to stated benefits and privileges throughout their membership with APE. If applicable, when an individual is confirmed as a member, they are eligible to use their postnominal letters (if applicable) for the duration of their membership, providing they have paid their membership fees. If a member acts in misconduct, they may be subject to the Disciplinary Regulations and thus their membership benefits may be revoked and their membership terminated.

The Company Membership regulations will differ slightly from individual regulations, however these must be followed by the company in order to keep their membership privileges. If a company fails to do so, their membership may be revoked or suspended.

The Association has the right to change these benefits, however prior notice will be given before these changes take effect. You will be contacted via email or telephone.

Termination of Membership

Membership is subject to termination only when the following situations apply:

  • A member is deceased. This will result in termination which may require a copy of a member’s death certificate.
  • If members do not comply with the Code of Professional Conduct, they may be subject to the APE’s Disciplinary Regulations; this may or may not result in the termination of one’s membership.

The termination of a membership will not warrant a refund of any sort, unless the member is deceased and their family or representatives request a pro-rata refund. More details of this can be found in our terms and conditions. Suspension of membership will not entitle the member for a refund and suspension of the member’s membership and benefits will be immediate.