Fellow Member (FAPE)


The highest level of membership within the APE is Fellow (FAPE). This membership is for planning engineers who have made a great impact on the industries and professional standards within them. Fellow members are senior figures and recognised members in the industries. Fellow members will bring the highest level of support to the association to encourage aspiring and experienced planning engineers to become members of the APE.

They will also contribute their knowledge, skills and experience into the industry and towards its development. Fellow members will be highly recognised, as they go on to become mentors or counsellors to young people who require career-based guidance within the industries.

Benefits of Fellow Membership:

Who is Eligible?

To become a Fellow member of the APE, you must meet our eligibility requirements. Each application will be assessed individually by our membership team. You must already be a Professional member of APE, you must also:

If you meet all of the above requirements you can apply to become a Fellow member.


Total Costs:

Gaining a fellow membership will incur a higher cost than regular membership, but this will reap greater rewards. Your total cost will vary depending on your geographical location and the calendar month you choose to join. If you wish to upgrade from Professional Member to Fellow, you will have to pay on a pro rata basis to cover the rest of the months in your subscription. For more information regarding the costs of membership, check our fees page here.