The duty of the Association of Planning engineers is to provide a standard of excellence throughout the industry and practice professional and ethical conduct. It is important that you follow these rules to ensure you make the most of your membership with us.

General Conduct

    1. Treat all others with respect and kindness in all duties of your role. Practice and encourage equality and any discrimination of race, ethnic origin, gender, sexuality, disability or age will not be tolerated.
    2. Ensure that contractual obligations are honoured where applicable.
    3. Avoid endangerment of others’ or your own wellbeing, including risks, malpractice or criminal activity.
    4. Act and appear respectful and maintain all professionalism when representing the Association.
    5. You must raise any concerns you may have that involve the endangerment of others’ or your own wellbeing, including risks, malpractice or criminal activity.
    6. Respect confidentiality procedures and deal with sensitive information appropriately and in accordance with relevant legislation.
    7. Remain accountable for your actions and perform honestly and without misinformation.
    8. Support and comply with sustainability regulations to avoid unnecessary environmental implications.

Technical-Based Conduct

    1. Members will practice within professional and adequate health and safety guidelines at all times when operating within their professional duties, this includes preventing unnecessary risks and dangers.
    2. Avoid any conflicts of interest both within the Association and during professional work. Accepting bribes or unfair advantages is dismissible with immediate effect.
    3. Avoid situations or projects that directly go against the policies of APE or putting yourself in a professionally compromising situation.
    4. Always deliver high standards of professionalism when working and deliver the service expected of you; any member unfit or lacking the skills needed for a project must refrain from participating.
    5. Encourage and motivate yourself and others to always strive towards developing professionally and improving your competence.
    6. You must comply with the Association of Planning Engineers’ rules, regulations and legislation in accordance with your membership.
    7. You must continually uphold the reputation of the Association by performing in a professional and respectful manner.
    8. Members of the Association must remain trustworthy and diligent. They must follow our integral codes of professional conduct at all times.