When visiting our website, we can collect information from you through our website pages including forms and cookies. We will also collect information through emails, telephone conversations or through networking events.

We may use the information we have acquired from you to send you promotional messages from time to time. Similarly, we may contact you regarding surveys or other feedback services. Should your feedback be used in any survey publications or similar, your identity will remain anonymous unless you have been contacted and confirmed permission of usage.

We may also track your digital data through our analytics software. This will include information such as your website log-in details, IP information, how much time you spend on a webpage, which pages you have viewed and other browser information. The reason we use this information is to improve our marketing strategies and provide you and other users with relevant content and efficient information delivery. However, you have the right to decline the use of cookies at any time or you can disable them through your search engine settings.

You have a right to know the data we have on file for you and can access this at any time by contacting one of our team. This information can be updated should you wish it to and you have the right to opt out of any marketing or promotional content. Much or all of your data will be processed within the headquarters of the Association of Planning Engineers in London, United Kingdom. On the occasion that your data may be processed by a third party, you can rest assured any data will be handled securely with data protection security.

We may also use your data to categorise your interests and past purchases, and thus recommend relevant products and services to you. You can contact us if you wish to opt out of this process.

This privacy policy was last updated in April 2020. Please review the policy often, since we reserve the right to change any of the policies without prior notice. If you have any further questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact our team for more information.