Association of Planning Engineers are planning to create awards for both young and experienced professionals in terms of their innovative ideas, work publications and value-added suggestions to the industry in order to develop the economy in the country you are practicing in. This is to continue the advancement of new knowledge and professional expertise within the discipline of planning. Here at APE we like to encourage our members to take inspiration from their career and learn further expertise to help them grow as an individual and as a professional.

Planning engineers are taking a bigger stance in the world, including in sectors such as IT, construction, architecture and town planning. The importance of planning engineers is gaining more recognition around the world. Planning engineers need to bring high professional standards and new strategies or techniques to the industry which will be viable to develop the economy. Awards such as these help to progress the development of expertise efficiently and without delay to the industry growth. The awards will be open certain times throughout the year with excellent rewards such as free holidays, gifts and other exciting opportunities for the successful candidates who make significant development to the industry.

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