april, 2021



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Planning is a crucial part in the success of any project. It takes certain techniques and methods to make this planning process the most efficient so you can set your project up for success. Here at the Association of Planning Engineers, we are providing this CPD lesson which will review all the best tools you need to ensure you can prepare effectively. There are many effective techniques, diagrams, models and plans which you can use to assess any and every stage of a project. There are certain skills planning engineers and project managers need to have in order to be successful. This CPD course will refine these skills and top-up any knowledge which may be outdated. Planning is a very important sector and those working in project control need to have excellent time management, numerical skills and adaptability in order to make sure projects run smoothly.

There are many methods available to make life as a planning engineer or project manager easier. The fact is, sometimes people get stuck in their ways and get used to doing things a certain way. We hope by delivering this CPD course, you can be inspired to use some techniques you may have forgotten, or try out some ones you’ve never encountered before. Ultimately, we hope to make your career as productive and rewarding as we know it can be. There’s great satisfaction when working in planning, and we know how great it is when a project runs smoothly from start to finish. Hopefully these tools will give your techniques the refresh they need to work effectively in your business.

CPD Hours

CPD, or Continuing Professional Development, is a learning process in which individuals refine skills and complete tasks that help to benefit their career goals. Many of this learning is industry-based and relevant to your sector pathway within the planning industry. By learning CPD knowledge each year, the purpose is always to keep your academic information up-to-date and relevant. No matter which sector you work in, technology is always developing and evolving. It is important to keep up with new technologies and advancements. This CPD learning will also give you a goal to work towards each calendar year and will contribute towards your professional growth. These specific CPD courses look excellent on your CV and are very desirable to future employers, so that’s worth thinking about.

Learning Outcomes

Throughout this CPD lesson delivery, there will be numerous outcomes which you should learn in order to develop your skills. These outcomes include:

  • Understanding effective planning models such as the Gantt chart and how to maximise their effectiveness.
  • Using and constructing a contingency plan in order to make proactive and calculated decisions based on a realistic timeframe.
  • Learn the meaning of useful acronyms such as VMOST, SWOT, PEST and SOAR and how to apply them to a business plan or project.
  • Providing effective project documentation throughout a project
  • Use forecasting to prepare project plans and calculate future outcomes. This is to be used along with benchmarking to improve business success.
  • Understand the scope of budgeting and scheduling when allocating designated resources for a specific organisation or project.
  • Using matrices such as a Comparison Matrix or Prioritisation Matrix to rank and visualise certain aspects and potential problems.

To conclude, this CPD course will not only contribute towards your annual CPD goal, but will help you manage your projects in the most effective way. You’ll revisit classic techniques and learn new ones along the way, making sure you’re confident in how to apply them to large-scale or small-scale projects alike.



(Saturday) 4:00 pm